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DES Production Line

Process Flow
Feed—develop—recycle-water-wash—urban-water-washing—check—etch—recycle-water-wash—urban-water-wash—check—soak—demould—recycle water wash—urban water wash—dry—cool—heat—discharge
Technical Parameter
Work table width: 640mm
Work Height: 900+_25mm
Convey Speed: 0.5-5m/min
Wheelbase: 33mm
Work Dimension: max: 600mm*any dimension min: 60mm*80mm
Application: flexible board≥0.075mm hard boad≥0.8mm
Outline Dimension: L20584mm*XW2000mm*H1980mm

Special side window structure, avoid gas leakage.

Use corrosion-proof membrane pressure gauge to control the pressure of the spray and etch speed.

The acid automatic feeding system enables the optimal speed and accuracy.

The spray pipe layout in etching is interlaced, which shorten the spray distance and repeat the spray. So the etching is very good.

Our company products a series of etching,cleaning electroplating equipment.At present,we have cooperated with iphone,asus,HP,HTC,Samsung,LG and other industry brand processing manufactures,and we have achieved good reputation.Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to visit our company and negotiate business.

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