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Full-automatic plating line

I. It adopts imported PLC and touched screen and the rectifier can be adjusted. Also, it has memory function when power-off. Besides, it is fault detective. It can be full-automatic or semi-automatic and emergency manual operation.
II. The transmission of the crane is used imported brake speed-reduction motor and the main shaft is made of stainless steel, which ensure the running stably.
III. Cathode is swinging with 150 angles and there is vibrating device near the plating tank, which improve the plating quality.
IV. The tank is made of high-quality PP and enforced square pipe (3*60*80), which ensure it won’t deform.
V. The frame is made of high-quality acid cleaning stainless steel (304 or 316), which is strong and corrosion proof. We have two types, single rising and double-hook, it is easy to maintenance.
There is scaffold for the cathode, which improve the eveness of the plating.

Main Parameter:
1.Vibrate way: interval
2.Protective device: Hit-proof, low liquid level, avoid burning without nothing
3.Capactiy of the plating tank: 2300mm*1100mm*1000mm
4. Cathode swing angle: 15° 15times/minute
5.Filtering volume: 3-5tanks /h
6.Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
7.Min hole size Φ0.20
8.Eveness in deep tank: ±20%
9.Eveness in shallow tank: ±10%
1. Full automatic line for sinking copper removing residue
2. Automatic copper plating line
3. Automatic circle copper plating line
4. Full automatic copper wiring plating line
5.Full automatic film blackening line
6.Can make big/small size manual or automatic equipment as the customers required.

Our company products a series of etching,cleaning electroplating equipment.At present,we have cooperated with iphone,asus,HP,HTC,Samsung,LG and other industry brand processing manufactures,and we have achieved good reputation.Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to visit our company and negotiate business.

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