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Flex plate etching line
It is suitable for etching flexible, double side and multi-layer lead-tin coating plate. It is one of most reliable process for SMOBC.
Process Flow:
Put the plate—etching i—recycle water washing i/ii—urban water washing—check—recycle water washing—urban water washing—absorb—blow by strong air—dry by hot air—discharge
I. The cover is made by toughness glass
II. Use frequency conversion to change the speed, imported pump and electrical appliance.
III. Each spray pipe has its own pressure adjustment, which make the developing even, clean and quick.
IV. The special wheelbase is suitable for thin plate.
V. Man-machine interface
VI. Special design of drain and exhaust system is easy for installation.
VII. Overhead wiring which is easy for maintenance and avoid any damage to liquid medicine
VIII. Flow volume is adjusted, which can save energy.
Main Parameter:
Effective height 630mm
Work height 900±25mm
Convey speed 0.2-5m/min
Convey distance 33mm
Application Max: 620mm * any dimension
Min.: 60mm * 80mm
Workpiece Flexible plate:≥0.075mm
Hard plate:≥0.8mm
Total power 67.51KW
Outline dimension 12150mm *1800mm*2000mm

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