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Ultrasonic machine used in precision hardware industry
There are a lot of quality problems caused by the unclean washing in hardware parts industry. The traditional washing process can not meet the quality requirement while the ultrasonic washing is a new process, which can largely improve quality and increase the output.

Work Principles:
The ultrasonic washing is transferred the hi-frequency oscillation to the washing liquid by the exchanger, the ultrasonic wave forward with same radiation and make the liquid produce thousands of small bubbles. During the instant of the bubbles produce high pressure; they will peel off the dirt on the surface of the workpiece.
Clean, quickly and no operator is required to touch the solvent, which is safe, it can remove the dirt in the corner, also, it can save energy, washing agent, worksite and operators.
I. The washing time can be adjustable, the speed of the catenary can be stepless adjusted between 300mm~ 3.5m /min
II. The convey in the drying tunnel is stepless adjusted between 300mm~ 3.5m /min
III. There is individual liquid storage tank and filtering system.
IV. The load is less than 30kg (except the suspension one)
V. All the tanks are made of stainless steel
VI. PCC automatic control and touched screen.
It is widely used for washing and remove grease on the parts of metal, automobile, hardware, saw blade, electrical appliance and others.

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